Trading involves substantial risk and may result in the loss of your invested/greater that your invested capital, respectively.

    Portfolio Management System

    To stay ahead in a highly competitive market, portfolio managers need clean and up-to-date positions and cash information. A real-time comprehensive and accurate data provision, across all portfolios, is key for decision-making, risk assessment, compliance and client servicing.

    In a fast changing environment, our Portfolio Management System (PMS)helps our clients focus on their core business - investment management - and reduces their IT maintenance costs, while ensuring the continuous update of the technical infrastructure to anticipate new legal and regulatory requirements in the market.

    Our Portfolio Management System (PMS) is fully pre-configured and access to main data sources is already organised, allowing for a quick start-up by the client.

    Our PMS solution offers a comprehensive set of functionalities for asset managers to support their investment management process: portfolio analysis, portfolio management, order management, pre-trade compliance check and trading.

    Key features and benefits

    • Our PMS provides comprehensive real-time information on portfolios.
    • It provides extensive static data on securities, including full assistance in the use of market data.
    • Its user interface is fully customisable, depending on the needs of clients (e.g. user rights and profiles).
    • Our Portfolio Management System (PMS) ensures automated trading workflows (i.e. order integration, pre-trade compliance checks and order routing in one single step).
    • It ensures optimal connectivity with clients' potential external providers (custodians, transfer agents, dealing desks, brokers…) via FIX®-Protocol (Financial Information eXchange).

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